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These have been issues with me on previous releases of CBDsoft, and I'm 95% sure they still exist. They aren't bugs per se, but they have put a dent in my workflow in the past.


1) If the "switch buffer" checkbox is ticked, upon successful fabrication in all channels a dialog box pops up with a message saying "change buffer with conditioning buffer etc..." The issue is that box prevents any interactions with the software until it is pressed. So if I want to check what the fabrication curve looked like (because maybe I suspect a false positive) I can't do that until I tell the program to proceed to conditioning, then cancel, then click the fabrication tab.

2) For that matter when any portion of the software is active (IV, Fab, Conditioning) you cannot check the status of other tabs. I'm sure it's not a simple fix, but being able to check previous results (eg what the fab curve looked like) would really help someone decide which future steps to take (eg back to fab or into conditioning)

3) The inability to jump directly into any particular mode is a (mild) nuisance. The automated process needs to be started, the "advanced" button pressed, the process is then halted, the "automation" checkbox unticked, and finally the appropriate tab (fab, IV, cond, manual mode) opened.

4) The software overwrites any previous entries with the same name. So, if you've fabricated a pore to your desired size, used it for a bit and maybe want to enlarge it, reopening the program and restarting the whole process under the same device ID will overwrite data collected from the previous fabrication run.


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