The T.-Cossa LAB is equipped with the following tools:
  • Low-noise current amplifiers: Axopatch 200B & a customized MultiClamp 700B. These instruments are primarily used to measure ionic current through solid-state nanopore devices.

  • Custom trans-impedance amplifier. We’ve designed a 3-terminal current amplifier specifically for the NanoFluidic Transistor project, to control the voltage and measure current simultaneously at the source, drain, and gate electrode.
  • Nikon Ti-E wide-field fluorescence microscope, fully motorized (Prior ProScan III stage), with a PFS system, Lambda-S series objectives and equipped with high-speed back illuminated emCCD camera (Andor iXon3).


  • Nikon Ni-U upright microscope, with dark field condenser equipped with a sCMOS camera (Andor Zyla).








  • Bio-Logic SP-300 electrochemical potentiostat with impedance spectroscopy.







  • SA-AFM from AFMworkshop







  • Class 100 vertical laminar flow clean hood, housing a Nikon SMZ800 stereomicroscope equipped with a coaxial episcopic illuminator, and a colour CCD camera, for characterizing samples and mounting nanofluidic devices.
  • Atomic Layer Deposition System: Cambridge Nanotech Savannah S100.
  • General Molecular Biology tools: pipettes, vortexer, centrifuge, pH and conductivity meter, sonicator, heated bath, PCR and qPCR machines (though the Carreg Common Labs), etc…
  • Electronic Station: power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, soldering iron, wirebonder (through the Godin Lab), etc…
  • Microfabrication Cleanroom. We have access through the Godin Lab to a cleanroom equipped with a DUV photolithography station, spin-coater, and a oxygen plasma system.


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