CBD – Controlled BreakDown

This page is under construction and will contain supplementary information, including CAD and drawing files, for the nanopore fabrication and sensing hardware described in a manuscript under review.

Controlled breakdown (CBD) is an easily accessible nanofabrication method for making nanopores in thin solid-state membranes. We first published the method back in 2014 [Kwok, H.; Briggs, K.; and Tabard-Cossa, V. PLoS ONE 9(3): e92880 (2014) read], and since then CBD has rapidly become the method of choice by which solid-state nanopores are fabricated.

In a manuscript under review, we present our accumulated knowledge of nanopore fabrication by CBD since our initial publication of the method, including a detailed description of the instrumentation, software, and protocols required to reliably automate fabrication of low noise, precisely sized, solid-state nanopores. Unlike traditional beam-based nanopore fabrication technologies, the methods presented here are accessible to non-experts, lowering the cost and technical barriers for fabricating nanoscale pores in thin solid-state membranes and ultimately democratizing the field of solid-state nanopore research.

On this page, we provide supplementary information related to the manuscript under review. Please click the links below to access the related information:

  • CBD Nanopore Fabrication and Sensing Hardware [note to reviewers. This page is password protected during the review process. Please type full manuscript number under review: __-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (11 digits)]
  • CBD Electronics [password protected during the review process]
  • CBD Software [to be available at a later date]

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